Staff Team

Our school has a team of skilled, knowledgeable and passionate staff who are dedicated to ensuring that the school can provide the best education, opportunities and experiences for all children.

Our staffing structures ensures collaboration, with colleagues working in teams to plan together each week as well as across other schools in our Trust. This means that they can discuss, evaluate and constantly improve together to ensure that the education experience and provision in the classroom best meets the needs of all children.

Our school systems ensure that teachers have support and time to really consider the teaching and learning experiences of our children; curriculum delivery being at the forefront of their consideration.

The staff team are committed to ensuring that the provision for all children is of the highest quality where all learning enthuses, engages and motivates children whilst fostering their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Senior Leadership Team

Ms D Indresano
Head Teacher
Mrs G Beale
Deputy Headteacher Inclusion
Miss E Redwood-Sawyerr
Deputy Headteacher Curriculum
Mrs Y Bruce
School Business Manager
Ms C Fleary-Tayabali
Behaviour / Teaching and Learning Consultant
Miss K Webber
Assistant Headteacher

Wider Leadership Team

Mr D Caton
KS1 Lead
Mrs M Van Dyk
LKS2 Lead
Mr A Woodward
UKS2 Lead and Lead Teacher
Mrs J Skeels

School Office Team

Mrs E Cooper
Office Administrator
Miss K Trezies
Office Administrator
Mrs E Rogers
Office Administrator


Mr M Debenham
Premises Manager
Mr J Tuck

Wellbeing & Inclusion Team

Miss M Fernandez
Community Liaison Officer
Mrs C Tebble
Wellbeing Coach
Mrs Susan Clarke
Ms D Wilfort
Wellbeing Coach
Mrs Y Wickes
Behaviour for Learning Mentor

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs E Leggatt
Mrs K Black
HLTA Speech and Language
Mrs P Masheder
Trust Music Lead

Sports Coaches

Mr S Cassell
Sports Coach
Mr C Franklin-Burridge
Sports Coach

Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs L Crane
Miss N Ramsay

Year Group Teams


Mrs J Skeels
Mrs L Read
Teaching Assistant
Ms N Cawley
Class Teacher Saplings
Mrs T Consterdine
Teacher - Catkins Class
Mrs T Mound
Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Kearley
Teaching Assistant


Mrs S Eaton
Nursery Nurse - Bluebells Class
Miss S Hopgood
Nursery Nurse
Miss L Pettis
Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Miss J Nicholls
Teacher - Aspen Class
Miss S Ali
Teacher - Hawthorn Class
Miss Z Casey
Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Bacon
Teaching Assistant
Ms K Hirst
Teaching Assistant
Miss L Lewis
Teaching Assistant
Miss Y Lewis
Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mr D Caton
Teacher - Nettle Class
Miss K Milbourne
Teacher - Elm Class
Miss K Mclelland
Teacher - Rowan Class
Mrs J Carlton
Teaching Assistant
Mrs M West
Teaching Assistant
Miss C Waters
Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss J Crowley
Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Abbitt
Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Attwell
Teacher - London Plane Class
Mr K Metchear
Teacher - Mountain Ash Class
Mrs A Savage
Teacher - Silver Birch Class
Ms I Onichabor
Teaching Assistant in Year 3 and 4
Ms T Keles
Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mrs D Floyd
Teaching Assistant
Ms R Nash
Teacher - Maple Class
Ms J Dawson
Teaching Assistant
Miss S Ludlow
Teacher - Whitebeam Class
Mrs H Goss
Teaching Assistant
Miss K Mills
Teacher - Spruce Class

Year 5

Mrs V Matranxhi
Teaching Assistant
Miss E Daniels
Teacher - Beech Class
Ms T Bannister
Teaching Assistant
Miss S Basi
Teacher - Pine Class
Miss M Almedia
Class Teacher
Miss S Stanford
Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mrs T Iddiols
Teaching Assistant
Miss L O'Connell
Teaching Assistant
Mr A Woodward
Teacher- Cedar Class & Phase Lead
Mr J Collison
Teacher- Elder Class
Mrs D Colyer
Teacher- Oak Class
Miss S Sampson
Teaching Assistant