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Krufts - posted 4th Oct

Have you heard about Krufts?Crufts is the greatest dog event in the world! Organised by The Kennel Club, the show celebrates every aspect of the role that dogs play in our lives.Crufts has changed in ...

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Lily's Kitchen - posted 1st Oct

Did you know that Lily's kitchen offer tasty and nutritious treats for your furry friends? A balanced diet will contain all the key nutrients in the correct proportions...

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Treacle 4

Treacle Top Dog - posted 29th Sep

Treacle is such a good girl because she always says thank you when given a treat. Obviously Treacle can't speak like you and me, but Treacle will give her paw or a little nudge to acknowledge that she...

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Young Vet Club - posted 27th Sep

Did you know that there is a great website called 'Young Vet's Club'. The website has lots of fun facts and great articles about becoming a vet, and how to look after different types of animals. Take ...

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Doggie Dental - posted 22nd Sep

Did you know that adult dogs have 42 teeth! Though, I wouldn't suggest trying to count them! You can find more information of how to look after your dogs teeth on the PDSA website: https://www.pdsa.or...

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How to Care for Dogs - posted 20th Sep

Do you have a dog? What do you do to care for your dog? How do you think a dog should be cared for? Battersea Dogs Home give some great tips on their website.

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Read me a Story! - posted 17th Sep

Treacle enjoyed reading time this week. Reading is great because it takes you to places that you have never been before, in your imagination! The more you read, the more you learn!  

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