Treacle’s Blog

Here is a place for you to keep up to date with Treacle our wellbeing dog. 



The 'Walkie' Talkies - posted 4th May

Did you know that in the 1920's and 30's people called films 'The Talkies' because it was then that silent films were fading out, and films with the actors voices became popular! If you like dogs, som...

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Me & My Pet - posted 26th Apr

Do you have a pet? Would you like a pet? Draw a picture of your pets or the ones that you would like to have? What do they look like? What do they eat? What do they enjoy doing?  

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Tired Treacle - posted 19th Apr

Treacle has been having lots of rest in school as she gets tired very quickly. Treacle has been helping children to settle back into school, and we are so happy to see her back! 

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Half-Term Haircut - posted 23rd Feb

This half term Treacle enjoyed her daily walk. She likes to bury her cold wet nose in the leaves and grass to sniff around. Treacle had a much needed shampoo and haircut. She now looks and smells deli...

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