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Here is a place for you to keep up to date with Treacle our wellbeing dog. 



Half-Term Haircut - posted 23rd Feb

This half term Treacle enjoyed her daily walk. She likes to bury her cold wet nose in the leaves and grass to sniff around. Treacle had a much needed shampoo and haircut. She now looks and smells deli...

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Anyone for tennis 2

Tennis, anyone? - posted 6th Feb

One of my favourite toys is my big tennis ball. It takes a while for me to get it in my mouth, but when I do I give it a big shake and run around the garden with it. It is a lot of fun, and it keeps m...

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Treacle the Post Dog - posted 3rd Feb

Now, of course we don't let Treacle deliver the post, but as she pinched some junk mail from the recycling bin we couldn't miss the photo opportunity. This photo was taken before lockdown. 

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Treacle in the snow 3

It's SNOW time! - posted 25th Jan

Treacle was very little the last time she see snow, so when we had a cold flutter of icy snow last week, Treacle was very curious to see what it was all about. She likes to pat her paws on the snow an...

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Treacle January 2021 - posted 3rd Jan

Treacle has been really busy over Christmas.Treacle managed to have a haircut before the groomers closed, she was a good girl and really enjoyed being washed and scrubbed. Treacle can sometimes get in...

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Time for a Nap - posted 17th Apr

Treacle decided that it was nap time for a long time today, she wrapped her soft and comfy blanket was wrapped all around her. Who can guess what Treacle was dreaming of? Maybe Treacle treats or long ...

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