Our Vision and Values

We are proud of our school: Northumberland Heath Primary. We are a family and we work hard to make sure that everyone feels welcome, everyone feels safe and secure and everyone is able to achieve. All children, regardless of their different abilities, interests and temperaments, are given the opportunity to do their best in their lessons. We understand the importance of emotional wellbeing and mental health and hold them at the heart of the school's aspirations. Learning is not simply for classrooms and we provide an extensive range of after school clubs that include sports, areas of interests and clubs.

As a school, we pride ourselves on our five values, which are:

· Creativity · Collaboration · Respect · Pride · Independence

All members of our school community develop a real understanding of these values and increasingly demonstrate them when interacting with fellow members of the community. Our school has a house system that celebrates resilience and determination; achievement and success. The four houses are named after four artists who have thrived in four aspects of the creative arts: illustration, dance, acting and singing.

Our curriculum works by considering areas of study in the context of the local area, Erith; the wider area (our capital, London) and the whole of the UK, before broadening out still further to take in global issues in the context of the area of study.

Reading is celebrated here at Northumberland Heath in a variety of different ways. We are proud of our library: "Beale’s Book Barn", that has helped to increase the amount of reading for pleasure that is going on at school and at home. All the classrooms have stunning reading corners that feature non-fiction books linked to the topic being studied as well as poetry. Classroom teachers present themselves as readers and are able to recommend books to every pupil in their class.

We are very proud of our school and visitors are always welcome.

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