Meet our Staff

Staff Overview 2018-19

Staff Member

Miss Joanna Walkden

Executive Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Gordon

Head Teacher
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs L Rogers

Deputy Head Teacher- Inclusion
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs S Tiwana

Deputy Head Teacher-Curriculum
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs G Beale

Associate Deputy Head Teacher – Teaching and Learning
English Lead
Miss S Rouse

Assistant Head Teacher-SENDCo
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms E Redwood-Sawyerr

Assistant Head Teacher-Raising Standards
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss A Wilson

History Champion
Geography Champion
Mrs A Pickles

PPG Champion
Science Champion
Mr A Deacon

ICT Champion
Miss Chambers

Character Education Champion
Reading Champion
Mr D Davies

Creative Arts and the Wider Curriculum Champion
Miss Woodhead

P.E. Champion
Miss E Linder

Maths Champion
Mrs F Shaw

EYFS Leader

Class Structure 2018-19

Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs S Eaton

Mrs N Kearley

Mrs N Sayers

Mrs T Mound 


Catkin Class

Mrs F Shaw

Miss P Nashad

Miss L Petis

Acorn Class

Miss J Chambers

Mrs M West

Saplings Class

Miss O Steadman

Miss T Dalby

Miss L Lewis

Key Stage 1

Year 1

Elm Class

Mr B Harris

Mr S Cassell

Aspen Class

Miss L Borg

Chestnut Class

Miss E Linder

Mrs Bacon

Year 2

 Nettle Class

Miss K Hill

Mrs Z Casey

Rowan Class

Miss J Woodhead

Mrs J Carlton

Hawthorn Class

Miss D Francis

Miss Greenaway 

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Mountain Ash Class

Mr D Davies

Ms T Bannister 

Silver Birch Class

Mrs A Green

Mrs V Matranxhi

London Plane Class

Mrs M Van Dyk

Mrs C O’ Rourke

Year 4

Maple Class

Miss A Wilson

Spruce Class

Mrs S Brito

Whitebeam Class

Mrs E Leggatt

Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Beech Class

Mr MacDonald

Ms K Webber

Linden Class

Mr A Hartshorne

Ms D Floyd

Pine Class

Mrs A Pickles

Mrs Y Wickes

Year 6

Cedar Class

Miss S Gunner

Ms F Atwell

Oak Class

Mr A Deacon

Ms S Samson

Elder Class

Mrs G Beale/ Mrs S Tiwana/Miss E Redwood-Sawyerr 


Support Staff 2018-19

Pastoral Team SENDCo
Ms L Boston
Pastoral Manager
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms M Fernandez
Community Liaison Champion

Mrs L Motton
Wellbeing Champion

Mrs L Dunsdon
Wellbeing Champion
Misss S Rouse
HLTAs Office

Mrs L Page 

Miss C Bayley 
SALT and Drama

Mrs P Masheder 

Mr G Jenkins


Mrs T Wahed
School Business Manager

Miss E Creek
School Office Manager

Mrs R Hogben
Office Administrator

Miss K Trezies
Office Administrator 
Teaching Assistants Nursery Nurses
Mrs West
Mrs Lewis
Miss Pettis
Mr Cassell
Ms Bacon
Ms Greenaway
Mrs Carlton
Mrs Casey
Ms Webber
Ms Floyd
Mrs Wickes
Ms Bannister
Ms O’Rourke
Mrs Matranxhi
Ms Samson
Ms Atwell 
Mrs S Eaton
Mrs T Mound
Premises MDS
Mr M Debenham
Mr S Prosser
Mrs T Owen
Mrs L Crane
Ms C Phillips
Mrs J Crowley
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