Staggered Start and End Times

From 8th March 2021, NHP will be open to all pupils. Year groups are dropped to school on a staggered basis as follows:

Years 1-6 will use the Brook Street Entrance at the following times:

8.30am- Year 6
8.35am- Year 5
8.40am- Year 4
8.45am- Year 3
8.50am- Year 2
8.55am- Year 1

- Parents are asked to arrive on time, using the pathway to drop their child on the playground. The children will walk to their own classroom door, supervised by staff members on the playground. Parents are to leave the playground using the one-way system, exiting via the alley back towards Brook Street.

3.00pm- Year 6
3.05am- Year 5
3.10am- Year 4
3.15am- Year 3
3.20am- Year 2
3.25am- Year 1

- Parents are asked to arrive at school via Brook Street and walk to their child’s classroom door. Social distancing to be in place at all times.
- Parents will not be allowed to wait on the playground for siblings, and are to follow the one-way system back onto Brook Street and back into school.

Nursery and Reception will use the Wheelock Close entrance

Nursery – 8.30am/12.30am
Reception – 8.50-9.10am

Nursery – 11.30am/3.30pm
Reception – 3.10-3.30pm

We also ask you to social distance in these areas. 

Any queries can be asked by emailing or by using the contact us page: 


Thank you 


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