Support for Parents and Carers

Good morning to our Parents & Carers

Please remember that it is natural to feel stressed and anxious during this time. It may be a passing thought, or something that feels overwhelming. However, we hope that we can help to ease this for you by letting you know about the support available.

Home schooling paired with the current lockdown is hard, and we know that you are all doing your best. There are free phone numbers on the NHS website, where experienced professionals can help talk through some of the issues that this current situation can highlight. Please copy the the link, paste it into a web browser and have a look, don't suffer in silence.​ 

We are very proud of our Parents and Carers for all of the hard work they are putting into juggling many things such as home schooling, house work, their jobs and life in general. If you need to talk to us, ask us about a certain piece of work, how to set up a login, advice on how to keep motivated or anything else please contact and we can help to support you.

We wish you a great day ahead.

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