Relationships and Sex education (RSE)


In line with the government’s guidance, we will commence the teaching of the new statutory Relationships and Sex education (RSE) this term. It is compulsory to teach Relationships Education in primary schools and we will be on teaching the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with particular reference to friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other children and with adults.

Each year group will have an allocated time on their timetable for the teaching of Personal development. The main areas of teaching will be as follows -

Autumn term


Families and friendships

Focus on positive relationships including online

Safe relationships

Understanding how to stay safe and recognizing appropriate and/or inappropriate behaviours

Respecting ourselves and others

Expressing our opinions while respecting the opinions of others

Spring term

Living in the wider world

Belonging to a community

Rights and responsibilities of belonging to a community, valuing diversity and looking after the environment

Media literacy and digital resilience

Using the internet and sharing information online

Money and work

Jobs, influences on career choices and managing finances

Summer term

Health and wellbeing

Physical health and well being

Health choices and habits, balanced lifestyle and mental health

Growing and changing

Growing older, personal identity and the reproductive cycle of humans

Keeping safe

Safety in different environments and at home including keeping personal information safe.

Sex education is not compulsory in primary schools however as part of the Science curriculum pupils will continue to be taught about the human body (including puberty) and reproduction in some plants and animals.

We will ensure that all teaching and materials are appropriate having regard to the age and religious backgrounds of our pupils. Further information will be available on our school website soon.

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