More Stunning Writing From Year 6

As Ann was carried up the steps, the banging drums beat in sync with her heart and the chanting of the islanders echoed in her ears. Men, dressed as gorillas, circled her menacingly and endlessly. All of a sudden, the dancing and drums stopped; everyone began chanting “Kong, Kong, Kong.” A deafening roar rang out through the night sky - the air seemed to vibrate from the intensity of that hideous sound. From out of the jungle, came the owner of the roar; monstrous footsteps shook the ground as the horrifying creature emerged. Slamming his fists against his chest, he opened his vast mouth, his yellowing teeth bared and saliva dripping from his jaw and gave another almighty bellow. He was huge - a mountain almost and his black fur gleamed like obsidian and his eyes bored angrily into the islanders. Nostrils flaring, he bent down to inspect his treasure - the woman of gold. At once, his shoulders relaxed, his roar quietened and he cocked his head to one side as if intrigued by what he saw. Ann’s presence seemed to calm him: he picked her up and strode back into the jungle, clutching his prize.

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